Alice Mutasa is a freelance photographer currently based in London. Alice has spent five years living and working in Zimbabwe, and has undertaken photo-journalistic projects in Belize, Cuba, Morocco and Mali. Alice covered the celebrated ‘Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde’ in Essaouira, Morocco in 2008 and 2010, and in January 2011 she was the Official Festival Photographer for the 11th edition of the ‘Festival au Desert’ near Timbuktu, Mali.

Alice undertakes portraits on commission; some examples of her portrait work can be seen in the ‘People’ gallery on her website. She also provides event and music photography, for example; conferences, functions, corporate events, parties, concerts, dinners. Some examples can be seen in the ‘Events’ and ‘Music’ galleries on her website; please contact Alice to see more examples of this work or to discuss prices for a specific event.

Most of the images on the website are available on license for magazine or website use, or as fine-art prints. Please contact Alice for more information:

“My photography is inspired by a desire to capture fleeting moments; the small details – shadows, light – that express the essence of places, and the dignity and humanity of every person I meet and photograph. I prefer to engage with my subjects than ‘steal’ images. Many of the pictures on this website were taken in countries much ‘poorer’ in material terms than the UK (where I happen to live). I often make a choice not to photograph poverty, desperation – these are worthy subjects for the news photographers. In places where material wealth may be absent, I try to focus my camera on other – arguably more positive – values, which are often present in abundance if you choose to look”.
Alice Mutasa 2015

“The sum of our lives are but a collection of moments. Whether these moments consist of thoughts or actions, memorable or forgettable they each have the opportunity to shape our lives as well as countless others we may come to influence…. we have no idea of our individual importance on this planet. As insignificant as some of us may feel, we all have an obligation to realize that each of our lives, our collection of moments, have a direct reflection on numerous other moments experienced by others in the world…” (Everette Harp: ‘In the Moment’)